Christian Spirituality: Becoming Holy

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Christian Spirituality: Becoming Holy
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“The inward stirring and touching of God makes us hungry and yearning; for the Spirit of God hunts our spirit; and the more it touches it, the greater our hunger and craving. And this is the life of love at its highest working…for our love is touched by the Divine love” (Blessed Jan Van Ruysbroeck). [1]

Christian spirituality is the adventure and relationship we enjoy when we are in touch with Jesus and, through him, with the Father and the Spirit. This relationship with the Trinity grounds and nurtures all relationships we experience: with self, others, and the world.

Christian spirituality is involved with what it means to become holy—“to be like God, to live in conformity to God’s life and will, to have heart and mind and will in harmony with God. This is the meaning of the passage: ‘For I am the Lord your God; sanctify yourselves therefore, and be holy, for I am holy’ ” (Leviticus 11:44).

Why reflect on this topic?

  • As we grow in the Lord’s presence, we experience inestimable benefits. We gain a sense of belonging and being cared for. Our lives take on new meaning and purpose. We experience healing and newfound freedom. The scriptures are filled with stories affirming such blessings.

  • As we explore the rich variety of Christian spiritual traditions, our prayer life broadens and deepens.

  • Growing in our relationship with Jesus Christ enables us to make effective and lasting decisions and to act with his love in our personal lives, our parishes, our small Christian communities, and our world.

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