RENEW International offers high quality faith-sharing resources for small Christian communities. A full list of leadership formation and faith-sharing materials is available at our secure online bookstore at

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Free sample faith-sharing material has been provided on this page for use by your small Christian community, ministerial committees, parish staff, and others. With the end of the most recent liturgical year (Year C), our free faith-sharing service will have offered every Session from the set of three PRAYERTIME books. These covered all three cycles of the Sunday liturgical calendar.

Going forward, our free faith-sharing service will offer extracts from a wider range of resources, all available in complete editions from RENEW International.  Some of these resources are Lectionary-based (for example, PRAYERTIME.); some are theme-based (for example, the IMPACT Series).

Click here periodically to see our updated selection of download samples or visit the Free Downloads page at

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